Insure Capital Group, provides physician groups and business owners the tools needed to research the current market and make an educated decision on what is the best growth and or transition strategy for the partners moving forward. *ICG represents the buyer and does not charge the physician group or business owner a fee for any introductions or services provided.

ICG’s clients focus on companies and medical practices with solid growth potential that are cash flow positive

General Investment Criteria:

  • Equity investment of $5-100 million in transaction value
  • Scalable platform for solid growth (organic and/or through acquisitions)
  • Competitive and differentiated product/service offering
  • Strong market position, intellectual property or brand/franchise value
  • Strong management team
  • Controlling interest or minority interest
  • Companies should meet the following minimum criteria
  • Tuck -ins: EBITDA of at least $500,000
  • Platform Investments: Minimum EBITDA $3 Million

ICG’s clients will consider investment opportunities that do not meet all of our criteria if there are special factors that warrant further investigation.